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A very happy Monday to you. I hope I find you well. I must say readers, I’ve very sorry for my recent absence from the blog. I’ll be honest with you, I was finding I had too much on my plate and sadly the blog was the one thing I felt I could wind down on. I made the decision that I would worry less about getting posts out and spend more time on creating. Sometimes with so many fingers in so many pies, things can get too much. I’m still finding my feet with my made different venture, a lot of what I’m doing is very new to me but I’ve found concentrating on one thing has really helped me move forward. The ideas are flowing thick and fast and I’m really excited about where things are going. I’m really looking forward to sharing  with you. Have a very wonderful week guys!

Image >> Jacqueline Rivera // ‘Napping in Nature 70/365’



Monday Cheer – Dan Mountford


A very happy Monday to you and what a glorious day it is! Here in the UK we’ve been hit with a week of beautiful sunshine. After months of rain, it’s been a long time coming and I reckon it’ll give everyone that boost we all need. I’ve recently taken an interest in double exposure photography. I love how each photograph is unique and has a magical, sometimes eery quality about them. These ones above by Dan Mountford have made quite an impression in the creative world. The images shown are all created “in camera”, he plays with reflection and portraits to create something really quite striking. See more of his portfolio here.

Inspired – Toshiyuki Fukuda


Happy Friday to you. Today, I’ve been doing some research for my pattern line, getting inspiration from the things that I love the most. Now, I love a lot of things but Japanese illustration and pattern hits high at the top. A particular artist that caught my attention is Toshiyuki Fukuda. Born 1967 in Osaka, Japan, Toshiyuki Fukuda’s illustrations have appeared on numerous publications, greeting cards, calendars and T-shirts. His work has a special quality to them, bringing about a sense of the familiar. He has an extensive portfolio, but what I love the most are his quirky animal illustrations. They make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend guys.

Inspired – Temporary Trees by Raw Colour


I came across the work of Raw Studio earlier on in the week while researching a branding job. I immediately fell in love with their wonderful portfolio of work. Based in Eindhove, Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach work on self initiated and commissioned projects, mixing the fields of graphic design and photography. One that caught my eye was ‘Temporary Trees – with Mkgk’, a project for Make a Forest and MU. ‘Trees are often regarded as objects and are removed according to the landscape plan ruthlessly. In the Netherlands trees typically reach only one tenth of the age that they could make.’ Using materials like paper, fabric and balloons, the studio shows that trees are anything but ‘static’, expressing how they represent life, movement, and transformation. Mesmerising.

Monday Cheer – Natsumi Hayashi


Wow, Monday already? This past week has somehow passed me by. I had a surprise visit from my cousin from Indonesia, a night out with friends and days spent busy, busy with work. It just flew by. But those weeks are good huh? Today, we’re starting the week off with a spring in our step, much like Natsumi Hayashi. Now this girls knows how to jump. These self-portraits of Natsumi levitating are simply magical. She makes each pose look so effortless, it looks like she is literally walking on air. There are so many wonderful shots in various poses, I had trouble picking my favourite. Enjoy the week guys!

Make me this weekend


I’m not a big wearer of jewellery. I do really love the thought of chunky bangles, geometric rings and layered necklaces, but in reality, if I’m wearing it, after a few hours I get really annoyed. What I actually prefer to wear is simple, delicate items. Recently, I’ve been into the idea of friendship bracelets and I love this tutorial by HonestlyWTF that I stumbled across. So simple and chic in design, I reckon the pattern would look great in neon. Something to try this weekend…have a good one!

Image // HonestlyWTF

Inspired – The Link Collective


Furoshika cloths are like amazing. Like really amazing!! So versatile, you can literally use them to carry anything, from your lunch, your books or even your shopping. The cloths come in so many beautiful designs, they make great gift wrap or even a scarf to wrap yourself up in on those chilly afternoons. I particularly love this bright and modern graphical print from Link Collective. At a loss as to how to use your Furoshika cloth – fret not, Link Collective have put some great tutorials together. Magic huh?!

Photographs by Martin Holtkamp // Folded Paper by Lucinda Newton Dunn

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