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short + sweet // design + quote #2


I have a permanent pile of Frankie Magazines lying on my studio desk and the one on top, the one that I’ve been staring at for months had this quote on it. This quote has always rung home for me and I feel very blessed that I’m able to spend my days being creative, either getting stuck into a branding project at work or working on patterns for myself, doing the things that I love to do each day. So I thought I’d use the quote for a little side calligraphy project that I’ve been meaning to complete and share with you here on the blog. I love handwritten typography and it’s become quite the trend this past year. There are so many talented calligraphers out there, I wrote a blog post about some of my favourites here. As I mentioned in that post, my father was a great influence in getting my handwriting just right and now as a designer, I feel very lucky that neat handwriting is something that comes quite easily to me. I’ve really enjoyed the different stages of this mini project. The first step was to draw the quote in my sketchpad, it took a couple of practice goes until I was happy. I then cleaned it up in llustrator. The nice thing about taking it into Illustrator initially is that you get a vector graphic which is easily editable, you can move elements around and smooth edges up a bit more. Finally, I took it into Photoshop to create the background, adding some texture from a cloud photo I have and used brushes to create the watercolour effect. So much fun to do and something I will definitely be spending more time doing in the future.

Photography + Design // Made Different

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