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Make me this weekend #2


October is here and with it come the rainy days, chilly evenings and windy walks to work. I’m still making that transition from summer into autumn as we’ve just come back from our ‘summer’ holiday in Norfolk. So this week, in the midst of a new season clear out of my studio, I came across my big 15mm wooden knitting needles. I dabbled in knitting a couple of years ago, made a couple of snoods as gifts. I’m thinking as the chilly weather approaches, wouldn’t it be a lovely to make lots of snuggly things in front of the telly with a cup of tea in hand. Maybe a scarf with pockets and perhaps even a hood. I’ve made plans to visit some local wool shops this weekend, so I’ll let you know how I get on! Have a lovely weekend guys.

Images here

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  1. Sarah permalink
    05/10/2012 5:16 pm

    YAY knitting! go to Wool down on Manvers Street. Laura, the lady who runs it is lovely.

    • 06/10/2012 9:43 am

      Hi Sarah! Oh I love Wool. Went for a scout there this week. They have such wonderful stuff! Are you a big knitter too?

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