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short + sweet // design + quote #1


Happy Friday guys! Today, I bring you the first in a new series called ‘short & sweet’.  I’ve been thinking about this idea of original content and what I can bring to the blog that is both inspiring for you as readers and creative for myself as a designer. I have to be honest with you, sharing my work on here has always seemed a bit daunting. I think that is why the blog has taken the path that it has, I found it ‘safer’ hiding behind the posts put together about the brilliant talent of others. With this new series, I hope to explore more avenues as a creative. I’d like to shoot more photos, try out new typography, hand-draw more visuals, print new patterns and put all of these elements together with a quote that I’ve found of particular inspiration during the week. I’m hoping this will tell you a bit more about me on a personal level too. I’m not sure I’ve told you my dream in full? I think similar to many folk I’ve met on the way, what I would love to do is to be able to quit my day job and start up my own business selling printed textiles and products for the home. I’m embarking on something so unknown to me; fabric and printing is really out of my comfort zone it scares me, but it’s something I’d love to be able to do, dream of doing. So I have to remember the words above, you’ve got to dream big even if it scares the hell out of you. Be exceptional, work hard and grab it with both hands. That’s what I’m going to do. Do tell me…what are your dreams for the future? Is fear something that drives you forward? I’d love to know!

Photography + Design // Made Different
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