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Fab Friday – Weekly Stumbles


Happy Fridays all round! How’s your week been? Despite the weather, this week has been a real treat! First up we had the long Jubilee weekend, this was spent mostly eating delicious food, spending time with family & friends and celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. During the week, I also celebrated my birthday. It was perfect, we spent the morning at the Thermae Bath Spa (if you ever happen to be in Bath, you must go, it’s a great way to spoil yourself for a couple of hours) followed by spending some time in my favourite spot for wheat-free cake and soya hot chocs – Society Café. You just can’t beat it! It’s been so miserable weather wise this week, you wouldn’t think it was June. I’ve been dreaming of hot, hazy days like we had a couple of weeks ago, which is why this Fab Friday is featuring the brights and the neons – give ourselves a little boost eh? I hope you have a great weekend whatever you may be up to.

Images clockwise: Sparks of Fire Photography  //  Painted Animals DIY  //  Highest Peaks  //  Katie Quinn Davies Photography  //  Neon Green Book  //  EO100 Hello Tote

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