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Lusting over: Soft Gold Studio


I met Dianna of Soft Gold Studio through Twitter and I just had to share her work with you. As soon as I saw her Etsy shop, I knew I wanted everything. All of the jewellery is so bright and fun, they would certainly bring cheer to the gloomiest of days. Each Soft Gold Studio piece is handmade with a great amount of thought, care and passion. My favourite has to be the Triangle Puzzle Pendant, gold, neon pops and geometric shapes – what’s not to love. Dianna also has a beautifully put together blog called aesthetic LOVE story. It follows her creative adventures and inspirations, go check it out, it’s definitely worth the read.

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  1. aestheticlovestory permalink
    06/06/2012 5:30 pm

    Kim, I am so terribly delighted by your post! Really, blushing! How fortuitous that we met on Twitter! I’m so happy to follow along on YOUR aesthetic adventures, and I’m really too pleased that you’ve chosen to feature my work here!

    Thank you!

    xo, Dianna | SOFT GOLD STUDIO

    • 06/06/2012 8:49 pm

      Dianna, you are so welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you featured on the blog and to be able to share your work. I’m looking forward to seeing more of where Soft Gold Studio takes you and the creative adventures you have to come! Thank you to you too for following me along my creative path. It’s wonderful to meet creative people such as yourself! Kim x

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