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Monday Cheer – Rhi Ellis


What a treat, it’s Bank Holiday weekend here and I’m having an easy day catching up on blog reading, doing a bit of drawing and drinking copious amounts of tea. Something that has caught my eye during my day to myself, is the work of freelance illustrator, photographer and film maker – Rhi Ellis. I normally just have the one photography on a Monday, but these shots from the series ‘Ice & Water’ are so stunning I couldn’t resist showing more, they really calm the soul, so still and beautiful to look at. Enjoy the day!

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  1. It's a BEEautiful Life permalink
    07/05/2012 2:09 pm

    The Photos are amazing!!

    • 07/05/2012 2:14 pm

      Hi Abee,

      Really beautiful aren’t they, so calm and peaceful! Thanks for dropping by the blog!


      • It's a BEEautiful Life permalink
        07/05/2012 2:19 pm

        Truly it is. I wish I can have the opportunity to capture such moment too..

      • 07/05/2012 2:36 pm

        I jusy had a look at your blog, you’ve been to many beautiful places and taken some stunning photographs yourself. Really lovely work! Kim

      • It's a BEEautiful Life permalink
        07/05/2012 2:58 pm

        Thank you Kim. I love to travel and would like to explore other places if I have the time and budget and I love to take photos, blogging helps me keep both of my interests alive. -Bee

  2. 07/05/2012 2:14 pm

    beutiful photo set

  3. 07/05/2012 5:45 pm

    awesome shots, you really capture the tranquility you where talking about, very nice work 😉

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