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The Enchanted Land of a Mori Girl


This week I’ve come across the subculture of the Mori Girl.

Emerging from Japan in 2006, the concept behind the trend is ‘a girl who looks like she is living in a forest’ – Mori meaning forest in Japanese. To get an idea of what a Mori Girl looks like, she is often seen in loose dresses, vintage blouses and layered garments. She’s drawn to animal, plaid, vintage, floral or polka dot prints and wears quaint accessories in the form of pocket watches, earmuffs and fluffy hats made of knitwear.

What I was drawn to about this particular trend is that it’s not just a fashion trend, it’s a lifestyle. Daily life is all too much about rushing around the city, getting to one place or another. The Mori Girl prefers a slower pace of life, taking in the small pleasures. She may be quiet, but she’s an individualist, living life on her own terms.

I think this style could definitely influence some of my own future creations. I am really attracted to the whimsical, romantic elements of this trend, it’s also got a bit of a quirky edge to it. I’m loving the woodland animals, particularly the bears and rabbits. I like the dreamlike fairytales, the castles and the vintage books. Above are some Mori Girl inspired images that I’ve found along the way. Follow the links of the images to find out some more about Mori Girls.

1. aestheticlolita.blogspot  (image source – 2. vintage books (amytrysagain via  3. (photos by Valerie Fujita)  4. morigirl.blogspot  (image source – felissimo)  5. felissimo  6. vintage style shoes at Little Mori Shop  7. Pocket Watch

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