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Picnic Blanket


I’m so chuffed with my sewing project I did yesterday, I had to share. My friend is coming to visit over the Bank Holiday weekend with her hubby and baby son on their way through to go camping. I have been planning on making her a belated birthday gift for a while now but couldn’t decide what to make. And then I found the perfect blanket pattern for her camping trip. It’s in Pip Lincolne’s amazing book ‘Sew La Tea Do‘.

Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mike’s is so inspiring. She runs a really successful shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne and has written two crafty how-to books, with another two on the way in October. She also runs a daily blog with loads of tutorials, inspiration from other crafters/designers, recipes and much more. It’s a brilliant read so check it out here.

I spent ages umming and ahhing over fabric. Eventually, I found some really lovely tea towels that were reasonably priced that were perfect for the job. The pattern didn’t include a quilt inlay, but I thought having a bit of cushion wouldn’t be a such a bad idea, especially as they have a baby crawling around and it’ll be nice and soft for him to nap on. It’s got a little tie which I made out of the scraps from the tea towels, so it can be folded and rolled up nice and neat and then chucked in the back of their car.

The blanket took about an afternoon to do. I was so pleased with it, I’m now desperate for one myself. More fabric shopping for me! Yay!



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